He Who Controls Your Information, Controls Your Reality 


We are on information overload. From every gadget & every direction. We’ve never been more connected. Or more disconnected. So many have suffered, are lost, misguided. Drowning in a mix of truth & misinformation – but mostly disinformation. We need to be more aware than ever. It’s up to us to pay attention, educate ourselves, develop our awareness. We can learn anything. What do you want to learn? What do you want to know? That’s the beauty of the internet, you can research anything & everything you want; the good, the bad, & the ugly. On any given subject. With differing viewpoints from several different sources, on both sides of a matter, you’ll get the fullest possible picture. That should be your goal – the whole story. Not a quarter, or one tenth, or one hundreth. You can’t make an informed, intelligent, important decision without research – well you can, but you really shouldn’t. Not knowing what you’re getting yourself into could be a recipe for disaster.

That doesn’t have to be you. Think for yourself. Trust yourself. Don’t be afraid to figure out this thing called life. It’s empowering. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the answers – I’ll tell you a secret – nobody does. And anyone who tries to claim otherwise is trying to sell you a bridge. Figuratively AND literally. There isn’t a one-size fits all formula for every single human being. Each path is unique.

Don’t live a scripted life from someone else’s narrative.

On the “Surface Web” – or as most refer to it – ‘the internet’, you have to know where to look, & how to look. Always check your sources – and their agendas. You have a responsibility to yourself, your children, & your loved ones, to get the full picture when making big decisions that could impact them. And thanks to this handy little creation called the internet, the world is at our fingertips. The facts are there – just don’t get lost in all the fluff meant to confuse & mislead you. Know that companies exist whose sole purpose is to keep the truth from you. That ‘Surface Web’ is only 0.03% of the info out there. Check out these Deep Web digits to get an idea of it’s enormity: 

“The Deep Web, anonymous & enormous, makes illegal activity & content inevitable & in some cases very apparent. But if one is careful & knows where to look (& where to avoid at all costs) a trip to the Deep Web can be intriguing & completely eye opening – instead of landing you a lifetime in jail. One can arguably find out anything they want to learn if they know where to look. The Deep Web contains 550 times as much information than what we normally have access to on a daily basis. Together, the 60 largest Deep Web sites (about 200,000 sites on the Dark Web) contain around 750 terabytes of data, surpassing the size of the entire Surface Web 40 times. 550 billion individual documents can be found on the Deep Web compared to the Surface Web’s 1 billion individual documents.’

Take the Wikileaks controversy, for example. The confidential content that became public & wreaked havoc had been on the Deep Web for years.”

Source: The Deep Web – Hidden Wiki

If I google ‘California’ I get 1,770,000,000 results (0.88 seconds). And that’s only 0.03 of the web! And that’s only what we know about. My curiosity got the best of me; I took a gander. Yikes.  Proceed with caution if you go. I saw things that would make Criminal Minds look like The Brady Bunch. The word depravity doesn’t even begin to describe it. I hoped what I saw wasn’t real –  since a big chunk of the Surface Web is what I refer to as ‘spam’; disinformation. But considering the Dark Web’s size, anonymity, depth, & levels -I fear that a good chunk of it was real. Ugh. It was disturbing. I’ll never unsee that now; trying to quarantine it. I will spare the graphic details. I don’t want to be responsible for putting those images in someone’s head.  The point is simply to show that with all of the information at our fingertips, we haven’t even hit the tip of the iceberg.

One can always learn more, grow more, evolve more; that’s never-ending. Those who claim to “know-it-all” don’t. It’s a lie. When someone thinks they know everything, they stop wanting to learn, maybe stop being curious, stop discovering. And that will stunt their growth. “I don’t need to learn anything else! I know it all.”

Subconscious Sabotage? Maybe masking a fear of actually not being smart enough?

If someone tells me to not look at a certain article, website, or video, about whatever subject, you can be sure that’s exactly where I’m heading. Why don’t they want me to look? What don’t they want me to see? What are they trying to hide? Why are they trying to keep it from me? The fact that they’re trying is the very reason why it just became priority #1.

A legit organization wouldn’t need to stoop so low as to monitor, control &  alter info that gets to their members, unless they had something to hide.

It’s legitimacy would speak for itself. (But it doesn’t. Because it isn’t.)

And they do Monitor, Control & Alter. (Because they are hiding something.)

Scientology is an intricately weaved web of deceit, half-truths & a wild imagination, that has roped people in since the 1950’s, promising total freedom, eternal life & saving the planet – for a very hefty fee. 

Scientologists are absolutely not allowed to read anything negative or in any way critical of the org.

Excuse me?

Scientology keeps you in a bubble they control, & only allows you to view the “positive info” on their org. Which, by no coincidence whatsoever, is not only provided by them; it’s created by them. Fabricated. There isn’t so much as an ounce of athenticity or integrity in that despicable organization. When someone limits, alters or controls what information you receive & don’t receive, it’s to ensure you believe a certain something, in the certain way they want you to. Those are not the actions of someone who cares about you or wants to help you. It’s manipulation, deception, & mind-control.


Now I understand why scientologists defend scientology so desperately – they only know one side of the story. That explains a lot. We know how awful they are, because we can watch everything. The amount of negative stories & cases about them & their abuse, way outweigh the very little positive there is; the only positive stuff about them is what they put out themselves –  the org itself, its’ members, or their numerous online bot accounts. But they don’t know. That information is purposely kept from them. The members only know what the org tells them.

“Collective Sigh.” They really have to go.

If I was planning to lie to & fool people about something so big, so elaborately deceptive, you can be sure I’d do everything in my power to stop any & all info that would expose my deception. Whatever I missed I would smear the crap out of & discredit. Anything to continue the con. Because that’s what it is, a Con.

If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t care if their members read anything negative about them. They wouldn’t. Because it wouldn’t matter, if they were legit. But it does matter to them – so much so that they embark on an attack & destroy mission to shut them up. Why would it matter, if it was legit & all it claimed to be?


It wouldn’t.

And there you have it.  It’s so blatantly obvious. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that one out. Ask a Buddhist Monk how much it costs to achieve spiritual freedom – I can assure you he won’t say $1 million dollars. He won’t even say $1. Start with some meditation & some self-reflection, and gain self-awareness, work on developing it, & you’ll be halfway there.

Getting through to them does sounds like mission impossible. It’s a shame that he’s been misled & taken advantage of, wasting his time, life & money promoting something he unly understands in part. He only knew LRH’s version. One guy! This guy thinks he’s superior to 8 billion people? There’s nothing superior about abandoning your daughter. Cuz some guy told you to? ONE GUY? And you abandon your flesh & blood?

Will he ever wake up & go, “Shit, I fucked up.” I really hope so. I’m so pissed at him right now for not wanting to at least investigate the other side. What’s the harm? If it’s all gumdrops & lollipops like you portray, what are you worried about? Take a look. Then you can go along your merry way. But Tom – what if people really are being hurt? Wouldn’t you want to help? You don’t think it deserves a look-see, just in case? Are you that cold? Pffffff. What kind of a human being ignores hundreds of people all saying the same thing? If he did some investigating, & found out the truth, he could single-handidly cause a major rupture in the org that could possibly be the end of co$ as we know it. He would be applauded, congratulated, revered; he’d help reconnect families they tore apart, they would call him a hero. Instead of the ridiculed nut job he has become.

If you FEEL something’s wrong, it’s because it is. Don’t ignore the message!

If it FEELS wrong, GO.

Tune into your feelings & your intuition.

They are free, already installed compasses, meant to guide you in your life. 


Only a very, very sick person could come up with such an evil, twisted way to manipulate & control people, while pretending to help them. And then hunt them down & bully & harass them until they give in? It’s the lowest, most despicable behavior I have ever come across. He stripped them of their money, their families, their freedom of choice, of ever learning to discover who they really are. He forbid pregnancies, broke up marriages, robbed them of a life filled with kindness, joy, empathy & compassion. What he gave them was a life of fear, of being spied & reported on, whilst having to spy on & report on others.

And that dizzying million dollar bridge, whose summit is actually a Snakes & Ladders slide right back down to rock bottom. Then you learn it was all for nothing. You’re bankrupt, & your family has been ripped apart ..

#ThatsScientology #BrieflyExplainScientology #ScientologyTheAftermath



Your Voice Counts: Speak Up & Be Heard 

Whether it be your passion for the #metoo movement and need to stop all sexual abuse against women, stopping pedophilia in Hollywood or seeing the need to end Scientologist tax exempt status, let your US representative(s) know where you stand. This is a good link to identify your US representative(s) and contact them: 


Be heard, let them know what is important to you and how you feel!

Who’s Helping Who? Donations, Charities & Churches: Obscene Amounts of Tax-Free Riches 

“The rich get richer & the poor get poorer,” has never rung more true than it does today. How did we got here? How do we tip those scales back into our direction? How many billions does it take to make one happy?

I don’t know how much money this adds up to, but I do know it’s way out of my numbers comfort zone. These are the richest companies right now:

Follow the money; money talks. How did these companies get so rich?

And of course the richest religions & charities, all tax-free:

$243.47 Billion – without the catholic church (the richest of them all) & we easily surpass 300 Billion. Probably even 4. The Vatican alone is worth 8 billion, plus:

“.. defies any rational assessment ..” Yup.

Amassing millions, billions even .. & they don’t seem to have to explain or account for it. Who monitors these guys? Anyone? Are they on an extended vacation? Do we know if these charities/churches/orgs are meeting the requirements to maintain their statuses each year? How often do we verify the validity of their statuses, if at all? What are the policies are in place to monitor this, if any? One cannot amass billions of dollars without some fraudulent, corrupt activities. Lucky for them, they are protected by their religious status. How convenient. But are they keeping up their end of the bargain, doing charitable things for their people, giving back to their community? 

You’d think the IRS would have an inquiring mind by now. It almost seems like the IRS doesn’t really care that much about money after all. Who monitors the IRS to ensure they’re doing their job?  

I can’t even make a deposit that’s over $5,000 without being questioned by the bank.

They’ve gotten much worse in the greed & gluttony department. Jesus & Ghandi would hang their heads in shame if they saw what (some) religion & church have become. Take Kenneth Copeland: There’s absolutely no valid reason for a televangelist to have a net worth of $760 Million. None. Zero. To me, that right there is what ‘blasphemy’ really is. What about 5 jets? FIVE JETS. Why does a pastor need even 1 jet?? He doesn’t.

I knew it was going to be bad. But this bad?! How is this legal? Moreover, how are so many people still trusting them & what they portray as their mission? They say one thing yet do another. 

As you struggle, while they live in a thousand acre compound, with million dollar private jets. That’s your money. 

Now Jimmy can’t go to college. 

Wow that pastor’s house is huge!

They need stricter rules. They need to stop hiding criminality under the blanket of ‘religion.’ We are not attacking ‘religion’, we’re attacking corruption. I think when you collect your first $100,000, then your next, then your first $500,000 etc, you should be required to spend 50% contributing back to the community; building or improving schools, hospitals, indoor & outdoor recreational facilities & resources for your community. You could really contribute to bettering your community, environment, creating more jobs & putting some of that exaggerated heap of money back into their economy. A win-win. 

You & I have to pay taxes, and we don’t make that much. But they still take almost half of our paychecks, don’t they? It makes absolutely no sense that they are completely exempt from taxes, & scrutiny. How convenient.

We need change. Those scales of justice are tipped way in their favor. What you choose to believe is your choice, & frankly, none of mine or anyone’s damn business. As long as no one is being hurt. What we are concerned with is the corruption; the amount of tax exempt orgs that don’t seem to have to answer to anyone is getting out of hand.  These are all the ‘religion’ NPO’s. There are almost 1 million in the ‘unknown’ category.

We need to have a serious discussion about the ridiculous amount of money that is still being poured into various religious organizations & charities, through televangelist, pastors, preachers, etc. People I can only describe with one very fitting adjective: Charlatans.

Under the guise of ‘donations’ & religion, they wax poetic. We’re talking millions, billions even. People are giving up their hard-earned cash in hopes of some kind of salvation, a promise of something better, something more. But how many deliver? A very short list indeed. Meanwhile the only thing experiencing ‘better‘ & ‘more‘, is the ‘preacher’s’ bank account & growing pile of empty promises. And houses. And cars .. I want to take a look at a few of these people & their orgs, & ask Why?

A few stats for a general idea, but for the next couple of weeks the focus will be on the top few, the worst of the bunch.


When one is registered as a church or a charity, one will be eligible for tax-free status if one meets the requirements. Then one will be taking donations – often hunting, pushing, scheming, harrassing or lying to get those donations – ‘something for nothing’. One should be responsible & accountable for the proper & intended use of these donations. Not hoarding it all for oneself. You know, if one’s 10th Ferrari doesn’t make them happy, their 11th won’t either. Yet people keep giving them money! Why? Aren’t they working 2 jobs, with 2 mortgages, with 3 maxed out credit cards, kids in hockey-in braces-in college? We have the power to starve these organizations, yet people blindly follow.

Why is it so hard for people to just walk away from these organizations that so shamelessly showcase their wealth?

I don’t understand the necessity of it all – the yearning, the need, to find someone to follow, someone to tell you what to believe in, what to think or how to live. Why do so many people find it necessary to turn to someone else to find the answers? Look to yourselves. It’s time to stop the pity party, the dramarama, & put your big boy pants on. Pick yourselves up & dust yourselves off & let’s do this. Stop taking everything so seriously! If we can’t laugh, we’ve got nothin’!


People need to be leaders – the leaders of their lives. Not followers. Don’t be afraid to go boldly forth; even if it’s alone for right now. It builds character. Embrace the bad with the good, eventually appreciating that there are lessons, tools, & these help you grow & evolve. Don’t be afraid to figure it out for yourself. No fear. Let it go. Don’t fear being alone, don’t fear not belonging or not being accepted. Embark on the, yes, sometimes scary, but often exhilaratingly beautiful journey of life, & be the sole navigator of your ship. Destiny Unknown. Winging It. Going it alone is the best decision I ever made 😉

Stay tuned for a more in depth look at some of these cases, & a push towards getting some of these statuses reexamined.